Frequently Asked Questions

Head to Health is for all people in NSW. It is for anyone of any age, including children, young people and older adults, whose mental health is suffering because of the current pandemic. This includes people experiencing addiction, families and carers. Even if you have never sought help before, Head to Health is here for you.

Call us on 1800 595 212 Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm, except public holidays. Please note that we are not a crisis service, so we only operate during business hours.

For urgent support, call 24hr Mental Health Line 1800 011 511, Lifeline 13 11 14 or the Suicide Callback Service 1300 659 467.

If you need immediate help or are at risk of harm to yourself or others call 000 now.

In the first instance, we will talk with you about your personal concerns to identify the support you need. We will then work with you to develop a package of support services that respond to your individual situation. That might involve referring you to existing mental health and other services or to the Lismore Head to Health mental health hub.

Head to Health takes a holistic approach to your mental health, whether you have experienced mental ill-health in the past or if this is the first time you have reached out for support.

We’re here to help you to understand the type of support you need. We draw on our knowledge of the broad range of services available to identify what best suits your individual needs. With your consent, we can also work with your GP to ensure they are kept informed about the support services recommended for you.

Sometimes finding the support you need can seem overwhelming. Rather than jumping straight into a service that might not suit you, it can be helpful to talk to someone who can guide you to the right service for you.

Staff on our 1800 number are trained clinicians and are like tour guides for the mental health world – they know which care options are out there, so they can hold your hand and take you to the best solution.

Head to Health can also provide services onsite at locations for those who need it, as well as telehealth services.

Head to Health comprises the central 1800 595 212 intake, advice and referral number as well as mental health hubs across NSW in established community health care settings.

The Lismore Head to Health Hub is located in the  Lismore Primary Health Precinct.

The first step is to call 1800 595 212 where our team will work with you to see what you need.

If you are referred to receive services from a Head to Health hub, you can choose from telehealth or COVID-safe face-to-face appointments.

There is no cost for using the Head to Health central 1800 595 212 intake, advice and referral service, and if you are referred to a Head to Health mental health hub there is no cost for services there either.

However, not everyone who contacts us will be suitable for treatment at a Head to Health mental health hub. If we believe you will benefit from support from another provider, where possible, we will ensure this is also a free or low-cost service.

With your consent, we can share all or parts of any advice and plans with your GP or other health care providers. If you prefer not to have them shared with your current health providers, that is fine as well. However, we will encourage you to discuss any additional advice or support you receive from us with your GP or other health providers because coordinating your care and reducing duplication is in your best interests.
Yes. However, we will ensure there is no duplication in your treatment and services you access. If you are already seeing a psychologist – or another relevant mental health professional – please advise us so we can identify the best types of services to meet your support needs.

No, anyone can call 1800 595 212, whether they already have a GP mental health treatment plan or not. If we believe you require a mental health treatment plan, we can discuss that with your GP with your consent.

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